My name is Valerie Elverton Dixon, and I study.  I study: ethics, war and peace,
womanist/feminist thought, deconstruction, and the civil rights movement.  I am tired
of war.  I am tired of the idea that violence can be a just means to any end.  War and
violence are insane obscenities that humankind must reject.  This webpage is
dedicated to the eradication of violence and war.  It is dedicated to people all over
the world who are working for peace.

   We ought to challenge the status quo on issues of violence that keep taking us
down the road to violent conflict.  Each of us ought think and think again about ways
to brings about peace, rejecting the paradoxical logic that says it is possible to get to
peace through war.
   I am a Christian trying to follow the teachings of Jesus -- radical  love, it ought to
say justice and peace.  I think we ought to take seriously the prophetic command to
do justice to the least among us.  I am hopeful that whether you think Jesus an all
too human teacher, a prophet of God or the son of God and savior of the World, that
you will find these ideas beneficial.