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Last update: March 13, 2009
Give a personal, family, group, and/or congregational donation to The Rebuilding
Alliance to help defray  the cost of the Courage of Conscience Speaking Tour and
to help build a playground in Se'ir on the West Bank.
Imagine and pray for peace and a speedy end to the world economic crisis.

  The Forgiveness Project tells stories of forgiveness and reconciliation through
a powerful exhibit called "The F Word."  During the first week in October of 2007,
the exhibit came to Andover Newton Theological School under the sponsorship of
the Peace and Justice Fellowship.  The stories of people who have faced heartbreaking
violence working to maintain their humanity and find a way to heal themselves and
their relationships with enemies are inspirational.  The exhibit travels.
Please go to the link for The Forgiveness Project  to see its schedule.


  Action Steps
  Action Steps