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Last update:  September 22, 2021
  When It is Time to Break the Law

  What Were They Thinking

  Santa and Christmas in the Pandemic 2020

  On Originalism and Textualism

  Hawkins Support Letter

  A Memo from Santa

  On Trayvon Martin and the George Zimerman Verdict

  The Faith of Tracy Martin and of Sybrina Fulton

  Mitt Romney, Moral Intelligence and the Anti-Golden Rule
  My Own Evolution on LGBTQIA Rights
  State Rape
  Windows into Transcendence
  Joy to the World
  Newt Gingrich is Wrong
  Reflections on the 10th Anniversary of 9 -11
  Healing Violence
  A Libation Ceremony
  King and Obama at the Just Peace Nexus
  On Lift Every Voice and Sing
  At Least a Million People Praying for Peace
  Beyond War and Peace
  A Response to President Obama's Speech at West Point
  A Radical Love Economy
  Servant Knowledge
  Rhetoric and Faith
  Torture and the American Civil Religion
  Combatants for Peace and the 21st Century Civil Rights Movement
  Three Inaugural Prayers
  On the Occasion of Barack Obama's Inauguration
  Why Bother
  Diamond, Odetta and Obama
  We Know in Part
  Confidence in Crisis
  A Matter of Judgment
  Women's Equality and Peacemaking
  Culture of Peace UN, InternationalDay of Peace and Global Ceasefire
  Peace Theory and Civil Rights
  Michelle Obama, a Womanist Woman
  This I believe
  Imus and the Rutgers Women's Basketball team
  Religion and Politics
  From Just War to a Just Peace Paradigm
  I am a Values Voter
  The Content of Character
  A Valentine for the Broken Hearted
  Candidate and His Prophetic/Pastor
  The Sabeel Conference